Meet Dash. Commission Art

I have been advised that my favorite commission art is officially presented today.

Let me quote my client:

“We officially hung our Chief Canine Officer’s portrait in the Buell office today! It looks amazing! ❤️”

His name is Dash.

He has been going to office of my client for the past ten years. His title is “Chief Canine Officer,” and he gets more clicks on his profile pic on our website than anyone else on our team. He thinks he is a very big deal and is just a little character. His family adores the little guy.

Here is his official page at the company:

Commission artwork - Dash

Commission artwork - Dash

Commission artwork - Dash

Commission artwork - Dash

How to order a commission work →

Elsa Pataky and Cristian Prieto recreated the painting “Kiss under the bridge”

When you live in Australia and have to travel thousands of kilometers on a plane to reach Europe, you better make the most of the trip. This is what they must have thought Elsa Pataky and her family, that after enjoying some romantic days in Prague now they have put heading to venice to continue doing tourism, leaving the already distant ones behind crisis rumors in the couple.

The Spanish interpreter shared with her 4.6 million followers on Instagram a carousel of picturesque images in the city of channels with her children and his sister-in-law Silvia Serra, who is married to his brother, the photographer Cristian Prieto.

After the sweet snack, the couple of actors got romantic, in an affectionate photo with which they recreated the painting ‘Kiss under the bridge’ by the artist Igor Shulman. Elsa revealed in the caption that his son Sasha he was the author of the adorable image. “When you find the right painting at the right time!” Was the text chosen to illustrate the beautiful snapshot.

Read a full story here

COV·ART Project

I’ve participated in the project of the Copelouzos Family Art Museum. That’s what has come out of this.

These lovely people ran a lockdown project called ‘COVART’

shulman covart project -“We invite artists from all over the world to participate through their creation on a mask made of canvas.
With this initiative we want to show that creativity does not stop even in this difficult time period. We also want to emphasize the importance of the use of masks and its central role in tackling this pandemic.

The participating artists, offer through their creations, a different perspective to all of us, reminding us that art has the ability in every difficult side of life to influence and convey messages simply, loudly, clearly. A picture is worth a thousand words.

It would be a great pleasure and honor for us if you participate in this project”.

KULTURUS Galerie at Art Prague Fair

The gallery of russian artists will take place from 09. to 15. of November 2020. Among all of the works being exhibited one will also have an opportunity to observe works by Igor Shulman.

After the exhibition is over we’ll update this post with some brand new photos from this event. Stay with us so you don’t miss anything!

Works by Mr. Shulman have already been exhibited at this event. You can find out more by reading our blog.

KULTURUS Galerie at Art Prague Fair

Art Prague fair (9.11 – 15.11.2020)

Adresa: Nám. Republiky 7 /přístup ze strany od Kotvy — Králodvorská ul. 16

Vedle každoročních účastníků ART PRAGUE – například Galerie Millennium, Nová galerie, Galerie eS, Galerie Havelka, Galerie Gambit, Galerie Peron, Galerie S, Galerie ArtinBox, Pragartworks Gallery aj., přináší přehlídka opět koncept propojování se zahraniční výtvarnou scénou. Vedle one man prezentací z Turecka, Kanady a Brazílie se nově představí galerie z Dánska, Německa, Slovenska, Španělska a Ruska.


Jeden dokonalý záber. Igor Shulman Interview to Dom&Bývanie

Igor Shulman je autorom pôsobivých malieb s autentickým rukopisom. maliar svojimi dielami navodzuje zvláštnu atmosféru zachytávania reality, pričom jeho obrazy pôsobia ako magické námety na dokonalý príbeh.

Igor Shulman pri svojich dielach na jednej strane siaha po všedných prvkoch reality, ktoré však zasadzuje do kontrastných motívov, na druhej strane zvolené farebné prevedenie obrazov navodzuje atmosféru tajomna a podčiarkuje celkové umelecké vyznenie.

Dom & Bývanie magazine
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