Station collection

In the bustling streets, amidst the ebb and flow of everyday life, there exists a place that holds a unique allure – the station. Igor Shulman, a masterful artist, has captured the essence of these extraordinary spaces in his remarkable collection titled “Stations.” Through his paintings, he invites us to witness the profound moments that unfold exclusively within these hallowed grounds. Continue reading “Station collection”

Erotica. Vol1

Erotica is more than just a portrayal of the female form. It is a complex interplay of emotions and sensations that each individual experiences when encountering such an image. The feelings can vary widely from person to person, but at the core, it is a sense of connection with something novel and extraordinary, a departure from the mundanity of everyday life. It ignites a sense of excitement and wonder, granting the viewer a fresh burst of energy and enthusiasm for living. Continue reading “Erotica. Vol1”

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