Contest. FB Community Izoizolyacia

Contest. FB Community Izoizolyacia

Evgenia Sverdlina – April 27 at 6:51 AM

Hello! Been following the group for a long time, many thanks to all the participants and organizers.

The painting by Igor Shulman, unfortunately, could not find the name.

This is a Shulman’s artwork – Hard night morning

Rear light blanket

Bayan is the Best

The musician – young accordionist Alexander (11 years old)

Three cats – one cat who didn’t have time to run away.

I picked up the painting on the available items. We have a tool, a musician and even three cats available. Would it seem what could go wrong? The son took the idea with enthusiasm, the court agreed to be a ban, and nothing left – to talk to three cats to sit down and pose. The cats were taken into one room, they broke the corner with a dark determination on their faces. Next was half an hour of dancing, songs, talk, violence, threats, and blackmail, but the cats were disobey. We’ve decided to use a bribery. The musician’s leg with a cat treat. We’ve got a foot in the cats. The older cats went under the bed of šipâ and mother. A younger cat would sell for a delicious mother if she was familiar with her, so he was able to be recorded at the musician’s feet for a short time. While all this outrage was going on, we managed to run, laugh and even shoot something) The best of this is something you see in front of you.

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Contest. FB community Izoizolyacia. Young accordionist Alexander

Contest. FB community Izoizolyacia. Igor Shulman Painting Hard night morning

Shulman’s Painting – Hard Night Morning

Hard Night Morning

Portrait of the Victorian Era

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