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It is very pleasant for me to see that the number of art lovers of my creativity is constantly growing. This is a great inspiration for me. It is quite essential for an artist when his paintings are in demand. In other words, when people look forward impatiently to becoming acquainted with every new artist’ work, when they love to see it and to buy it, that is an excellent sign of the fact that this artist does not work for nothing.

There are still a couple of moments to buy a Christmas gift. If you head over to my official website, you will certainly be impressed by a generous 30% discount, which is valid until the 1st of January 2023.

Apply on the shopping cart this code CHRISTMAS30 to get a discount.

Also, just wanted to remind you that I have an ability to print almost all my artworks. Well, you can order a print of even sold paintings or mural arts! Just get in touch with me to discuss details.

I hope that shopping on my site gives you real joy!

Igor Shulman


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