Exploring and Discovering Japan or Is It the Other Way Around?

Japan televisio BS-TBS "1930"

A Funny Interpretation of an Interview with Igor Shulman

Japan television BS-TBS “1930”

I have a funny story about the Japanese.

Some time ago, I gave an interview to the TV2 television company. Somehow, the Japanese watched it and quoted me on their own TV channel.

Of course, the interview was about everything under the sun, including Russia, Putin, and so on. But what caught the attention of the Japanese in this hour-long interview? You’ll never guess, I was surprised myself, to be honest.

It turns out I compared Putin to Koschei. This so excited them that they invited a Japanese expert on Russian folklore to the studio to explain what the Russian artist meant, even though he had long since fled Russia. This greatly explains the boldness of the Russian artist.) This is all about me)))). The interpretation of Koschei in Japan.

An old unpleasant person, who is rarely seen. Yes, he is evil, he is extremely evil and just won’t die. Not that he can’t do it, he just doesn’t want to die and wants to continue to do evil.

But in principle, he can easily die if the needle is broken. And the needle is in the eggs. (In what eggs, I wondered. Are they talking about male physiology? I never quite understood it, to be honest.) And the whole story is about the search for the eggs.

Damn, why do they consider it in the plural? After all, there was only one egg.

But the Japanese mind is wired differently. Or the specialist on Russian fairy tales was not very good.

It is really a funny story!

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