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Let me share with you a great news!

I have an ability to print almost all my artworks.

Well, you can order a print of even sold paintings or mural arts!

Just choose an artwork and send me email to info@shulmanart or fill in the form below.

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    Printing Kissing Under the Bridge

    Example of printing “Kissing Under the Bridge” art. It is a famous mural painted on the side of a building located near the Charles Bridge. The mural has become a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of love in Prague.

    Kissing Under the Bridge – Original Oil Painting by Igor Shulman

    Kiss serie (2012) Oil on Canvas
    Kiss serie (2012) Oil on Canvas

    Images Depicting the Printing Process

    Print Igor Shulman Artworks

    Print Igor Shulman Artworks

    Print Igor Shulman Artworks

    Street Photography Gallery

    Kissing Under the Bridge Prague
    Unknown photographer. Founded in the Internet
    607845280943808639 -
    Under the Charles Bridge has this romantic kissing painting on the wall. Credit to
    Kissing Under the Bridge Prague
    Kissing Under the Bridge Prague is a photograph by M G Whittingham
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