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Canvas size: 10.63H x 35.43W x 0.39D in

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Igor Shulman – a contemporary Russian artist, known for his participation in the "Witnesses" project and his view of the war in Ukraine. He considers himself a Russian artist, although he has lived and worked in the Czech Republic for many years. Shulman is a...


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Winter Rain

Oil Painting by Igor Shulman. Size: 9.3 H x 9.3 W x 0.8 in / 60 x 60 x 4 cm

Captivating Figurative Art by Igor Shulman - Official Website

"As a professional artist, I have been fortunate to turn my childhood love for drawing into a fulfilling career. In my opinion, it is the best profession in the world. Just imagine, being able to stay at home all day and truly enjoy every moment of it!

What's even more incredible is that this passion can also bring financial success. It's a dream come true! While some artists find inspiration in nature or specific events, I have always been drawn to people—their beauty, their reactions to the world around them. Moreover, the achievements and creativity of my fellow artists fuel my own inspiration. Envy has no place in my heart, as witnessing their work and success fills me with immense happiness and motivation.

I continually find wonder in the world, never ceasing to be amazed. There is an abundance of extraordinary things around us; all it takes is opening our eyes to truly see them."

Igor Shulman

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