Ambiance Collection. Serie #1

Ambiance Collection #1 by Igor Shulman

Every my painting has its most important task. This one aims to place you in the atmosphere of the painting, so that you can feel a particular state.

Another goal of this project is to help you to find the special world in each picture which comprises it. You should be able to read the history, which can only be understood by you, connect yourself with a picture and live through all of the emotions, which I have put in it.


Fucking winter (2021) Oil Painting
Fucking Winter (2021) 39.37 x 35.43 x 1.97 in / 100 x 90 x 5 cm
Sun, sea, summer. Painting by Igor Shulman
Sun, Sea, Summer (2021) 29.4 W x 17.6 H x 2 D in / 75 x 45 x 5 cm
Expectation. Allegory (2021) Oil Painting
Expectation. Allegory (2021) 27.5 W x 27.5 H x 0 D in / 70 x 70 x 5 cm
Ambiance (2021) Oil Painting
Ambiance (2021) 15.75 x 35.43 x 1.97 in / 40 x 90 x 5 cm
Oil Painting Anxious Traveler (project Ambiance) by Igor Shulman
Anxious Traveler (project Ambiance) (2021) 17.72 x 39.37 x 1.97 in / 45 x 100 x 5 cm
Determination (project Ambiance) 2021 by Igor Shulman
Determination (project Ambiance) (2021) 19.6 W x 39.4 H x 0 D in / 50 x 100 x 5 cm
A Head. 2021
A Head (2021) – an exclusive painting on the site. Coming soon

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