Interview to Igor Budykin (Radio Praha)

Russian painters in Prague. Igor Adrianov

Igor Budykin: Today we are visiting Igor Adrianov, a Russian artist living in Prague. To give myself and others an idea of you as a person, I will ask you 10, 11, 12 blitz questions, and you try to answer them quickly, without thinking. The first thing that comes to mind. Do you agree?

Igor Budykin: Hobby, do you have any hobbies?

Igor Adrianov: Yes, it’s a fishing.

Igor Budykin: What’s more?

Igor Adrianov: A Fishing, a fishing. Three hobbies.

Igor Budykin: Are you gambling?

Igor Adrianov: Gambling, unfortunately. Or fortunately. I don’t know…

Igor Budykin: What’s Color?

Igor Adrianov: This is a bullshit. No, and the artist-painter of his favorite color cannot have it. This is not the right question.

Igor Budykin: Blondes or brunettes?

Igor Adrianov: Brunettes.

Igor Budykin: Dishes? Czech cuisine?

Igor Adrianov: No, I don’t like Czech cuisine.

Igor Budykin: Is this it?!

Igor Adrianov: Yes, in general!

Igor Budykin: Animals?

Igor Adrianov: Dog. Here, Moncha is.

Igor Budykin: Do you have any preferences in a style of clothing? What’s your style of clothing?

Igor Adrianov: A Street Style

Igor Budykin: What’s yours Zodiac?

Igor Adrianov: It’s Aquarius.

Igor Budykin: Genre in literature? Which one do you prefer?

Igor Adrianov: Thriller anyway. And in the cinema, and in the literature.

Igor Budykin: I just wanted to ask about cinema.

Igor Adrianov: About cinema… Also thriller. Cinema – the genre has nothing to do with it. I love cinema, but I watch different films with pleasure.

Igor Budykin: So you are a diverse person?

Igor Adrianov: Absolutely! I will not bow down on anything.

Igor Budykin: Igor, why’s the Czech Republic? How did you get here? How long ago? Definitely, we can look all the rest of such facts in the Internet, but if it’s possible.

Igor Adrianov: Why Prague? First of all, this story began in the last century. Prague, to be honest, then accidentally crawled out, because one of my friends was leaving, I was interested in it. I had a great desire to leave and next year I will be 20 years old as I am here.

Igor Budykin: For 20 years now… What is the Czech Republic to you? In three words, briefly.

Igor Adrianov: The Czech Republic is my new home for me. I guess so, yes.

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