Kiss under the Charles Bridge

Kiss under the Charles Bridge Artist #igorshulman #thekiss #streetart #praha #prague #praga #malastrana #underthebridge #loveprague #cha_streetart #streetarthunter #streetartprague #womaninred #instaprague #shulmanart Praha - Mala Strana

Kiss under the Charles Bridge
Artist #igorshulman
Location: Praha – Mala Strana

StreetArt of lovers kissing with graffiti, under Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Kiss under the Charles Bridge

#thekiss #streetart #praha #prague #praga #malastrana #underthebridge #loveprague #streetarthunter #streetartprague #womaninred #instaprague #shulmanart

Kiss under the Charles Bridge
Photo credit: Arina Kulikova, Founder and SEO of PRAGUE MICE. Location: Prague, Czech Republic

14 thoughts on “Kiss under the Charles Bridge

      1. Just viewed your video of creating “Painting Rainy”. What a grand, inspiring city. I can see why you live there.

  1. Igor,

    This is my favorite piece of art i’ve ever seen. I spent a few unforgettable months in Prague and this painting is my favorite part. The moment I laid my eyes on it, is when I can pinpoint falling in love with the city. Anyone I know that’s planning on traveling there, I tell about this. I never include much detail and each person is stunned by it. I have trouble putting into words the emotions and images this invokes. Definitely something to make a trip for to see in person. I searched all over Prague for months trying to find a copy of the mural in a store but never could. After I returned home a good friend of mine painted me a version of it and another for herself but with the couple slightly more aged. It’s one of the most treasured things I own, I can just sit there and stare at it. I’m thrilled I was able to find the artist of it, and that I can see your other works. It makes me feel like I’ve been transported to a romantic evening in the city of spires decades before. Thank you for sharing your talent with unsuspecting wanderers strolling through Mala Strana. I yearn for the day I can return to see it again in person.

    1. Hi Anna !!!

      Thanks for the kind words. Nobody told me that I painted the best picture in the world.)

      It is so inspiring. But I have a more realistic opinion of my picture. The picture turned out. )

      It is a pity that you could not find a copy of this picture.

      It is sold in the gallery on which this picture hangs.) It is of a different size, but it is an exact copy.

      A book about Prague is coming soon. The author asked me for permission to put this picture on the cover. Of course I agreed.) For me, this is advertising. Any noise is good if my name is there.

      Thanks again for your opinion and for the letter.

      It is very nice to receive such letters.

  2. We purchased this print from the small gallery at the top of the hill after the bridge. It’s one of our most treasured pictures.

    1. Dear Jen Henriques,

      Thank you for sharing your experience of purchasing this treasured print from the gallery on top of the hill after the bridge. It’s always wonderful to hear about people finding joy in art.

      I happen to know the owner of that gallery quite well and I’m glad to hear he was able to sell you such a special piece. As a fellow artist, I also appreciate the printing process behind the art, which is often overlooked. In fact, I recently wrote a blog post about it on my website that I thought you might find interesting.

      Here’s the link to the post:

      Thank you for sharing your story, and I wish you many more happy moments with your treasured print.

      Best regards,
      Igor Shulman

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