Satija Gallery

Satija Gallery

Satija Gallery has been operating since 2005.

Satija Gallery

We started in Saský Dvůr in a small space with a few artists, we dreamed of having our own space where we can offer our work and friends directly, be in contact with people interested in fine arts. That fulfilled that for us. For the fifth year in a row, we are located nearby, in Saská Street, right next to Charles Bridge.

Over the years, we have sold a lot of paintings that make many collections and households in different parts of the world happy. Not only do we exhibit our paintings, we also carefully select other professional artists to work with. Despite the fact that our artists do not live only in Prague, but in several places in Europe, for example in Germany or Slovenia, we like to share this space, now also virtual, where we can present and offer our works to you.

Kiss under the Charles Bridge

Art gallery details

Gallery address: Prague, Saská 1 street, near Charles bridge. Prague 1 Czech Republic

tel: +420 775934360

email: [email protected]

You can visit this store to meet with Igor Shulman’s art works face to face.

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Satija gallery

Satija gallery

Satija gallery

Satija Gallery

Satija Gallery

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4 years ago

I was not aware this gallery existed when I visited Prague and that’s too bad.

However, the good news is I that found your work amongst other artists while there. It stood out, it captured my stare, imagination and curiosity. Hence and ergo, how I came here.

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