The customer of mine shared a couple of pictures of my painting


A couple pictures pictures of where it now hangs in his apt in Brooklyn, NY.

This work was created in 2007. Here is a link to artwork’s archive of this year.

Wandering the streets of Prague I happened on a compelling painting displayed outward from a small gallery. I passed it by first at a distance and then again up close when the maze of streets serendipitously brought me back. Drawn in for a closer look to find out about the artist I found the gallery was wonderful and full of interesting scenes from the city I was exploring. I was strongly drawn to the painting hung on the door and at my request the gallery attendant reached out to the artist to broker a sale. I ended up bringing home my first original artist painting and have been enjoying the piece every day since in my home. Igor Shulman creates beautiful human forms and everyone visiting Prague should take a moment to experience his work in person.

Jeff Boguski


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