Original Oil painting on Canvas Silence (2022) by Artist Igor Shulman

Technical Specification

Size: 39.4 W x 23.62 H x 1.97 D in / 100 x 60 x 5cm

Style: Urban and Pop
Subject: People and portraits

Technique: Oil on Canvas
Framing details: Artwork rolled and sent in a tube, stretching and framing available on request

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It is the sort of silence that happens before the concert actually starts. When one expects something, he or she keeps exactly this sort of silence. This is the last moment before the hall simply bursts with music.

That is the very reason for the picture to be almost white. There are no sounds yet that would colorize it. Colored is only this ridiculously looking conductor of an orchestra.
Because of the peculiarities of a concert hall, you almost never see a conductor in his full height. The other reason for that is that conductors do not get dressed like that for a long time. This is the reference to retro, as you may have already noticed.

I have presented this picture for you in such a way that you better understand the greatness and fragility of silence, the substance that is full of hints and expectations. It is like on the Eve of Christmas.

I can send you either the whole painting stretched on a stretcher, or just a canvas in a tube. Drop me a line to know the difference between those two types. I will be glad to answer all of your questions concerning this painting.

Behind the Scenes

Silence Oil Painting in Interiors

That is how this painting could have looked in various interiors

Silence Oil Painting in Interiors

Silence Oil Painting in Interiors

Silence Oil Painting in Interiors

Silence Oil Painting in Interiors

Silence Oil Painting in Interiors

Additional information

Creation Year



People and portraits


Urban and Pop






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