Oil Painting Passion (2022) by Igor Shulman

Size: 23.5 W x 31.4 H x 2 D in / 60 x 80 x 5cm

Style: Impressionistic
Subject: Nudes and erotic

Technique: Oil on Canvas
Framing details: Artwork rolled and sent in a tube, stretching and framing available on request

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What are we going to talk about? Nearly everyone has experienced this state, when brains are completely turned off, there is no logic and rationality. The only thing that is left is pure passion and a great desire for the human body.

It is not always about love. Passion is often mistakenly referred to as love. In my opinion that’s not true.
Sex is still based on love, not the other way.

That’s quite okay if you do not agree with me. Many people could have not agreed with me, that’s okay as well.
I don’t want to lecture you on love and passion. All I’m doing is trying to describe my own picture. Your point of view is yours. That’s fine if you agree or disagree with me.

Just allow yourself to be yourself and others to be different.

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