Gravitation #2


Gravitation #2 painting on сanvas

Size: 30.3 H x 34.3 W x 2 in
Size: 87 x 77 x 4 cm (unframed) / 87 x 77 cm (actual image size)

Ships in a tube

Style: Photorealistic
Subject: People and portraits


The force of gravity the basis of life on our planet. All life is subordinated to this great force. And what will happen if she suddenly disappears and we all find ourselves in weightlessness?))) Or it will not be constant but a variable?

Maybe these funny pictures will help us answer the questions?

I thought that’s what. Gravity is the main component of our life on the earth. A what if it will not? How will life go on? This oil painting on canvas. The size of this painting is not so great. But this is enough to organize the space in a small room. Or in a hotel room. The picture painted in soft, soothing tones. Colours answers composition goals. Preliminary structural layer of the soil gives the extra semantic load and textured. A dynamic composition and ragged nerve rhythm background provides the right sound. Picture emotionally filled and provide a good mood. The enormous energy charge, which carries the work, will warm your soul.

I drew this picture with natural oil paints on canvas. The size of the average. This size is able to freshen up a little wall in an apartment or in a hotel room. This multi-layered pattern. She first primed with relief paste. Then colorful acrylic base. And then he drawing oil paints.

I send pictures all over the world for over 20 years. My package can withstand any load. And while it is extremely simple and easy. There was no case that the picture came to corrupted or damaged.

The painting has a great positive energy.

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