Weekdays painting by Igor Shulman


35.3 W x 35.3 H x 2 in

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If you have not already noticed, I like to draw people in uniform. Men generally go uniform. It gives a clear address message and sharpens the situation.

In many senses, the uniform sharpens the situation and clearly sets the accents. This is today, but that was yesterday.

Legendary French police, called “azhans” or “flicks.” I would call them Ravens. And not only because they are black from head to foot. But for their scent for prey.

The picture is painted in oil colors on canvas of high quality. Painted in a traditional way-brushes and palette knife. The size (90х90cm) allows you to organize with this picture a small enough wall in the interior of the apartment or house. I put in my pictures all the positive and kind that is inside me. These are my children. Let it bring you warmth and love


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