Portrait of an Elderly Gentleman


Original Oil Painting by Igor Shulman – For Sale

Technical Specification

Year: 2023
Size: 59.06 W x 45.28 H x 2 D in / 150 x 115 x 5 cm

Style: Impressionistic
Subject: Still life

Technique: Oil on Canvas
Framing details: Artwork rolled and sent in a tube, stretching and framing available on request

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You are not mistaken. It’s not a bookshelf, as you initially thought. This is a portrait. A portrait as a reflection, as a metaphor of your life.

I worked on this for 2 years. So that everyone could understand that this bookshelf belongs to a lonely old man. It was collected for years, chaotically, haphazardly, and largely unnecessary. But it’s alive.

Since childhood, I’ve loved home libraries. In every house I go to, I first run to the bookshelf, if there is one, of course. I assure you, spending half an hour at the bookshelf, you will learn more about the owner than in a day of conversation.

Bookshelves consist not only of books. They are populated by everything that surrounds the owner. They reflect his inner world, even if he doesn’t strive for it. It happens naturally.

So I thought to suggest that you draw your bookshelves as your portraits. It can be quite fun. And you don’t have to record what’s in your shelf. You can come up with everything that could be there. Every book, every trinket.

Create a melody. And I will help you turn it into a song. Or an opera. Everything depends on the size of your imagination and bank account.

The sizes of your fantasies are boundless, the sizes of the canvas are practically the same. Immerse yourself in them. It’s enjoyable.

Additional information

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Still Life

Delivery terms

Generally we deliver your orders free of charge. If however you choose to have a painting on a stretcher, we’ll have to charge you. The corresponding cost you can see in the delivery cost section.

Once we get your order, you will receive a copy of the order to your specified email address.

As most of the items are in stock, we try to do our best to send you the painting within 2 or 3 days from the receipt of your order. As a rule you can expect to receive your order within 5-7 days. Should some sort of a delay occur, please allow up to 2 weeks for the parcel to reach you. Those cases are quite rare however.

Delivery costs

We’ve two options for you. Either we roll the artwork in a tube and ship it to you for free, or you receive the painting which is already placed onto the stretcher.

Please be advised that it takes 5 to 7 business days for artworks to be dispatched from Czech Republic.

You can see how Igor Shulman is packing rolled in a tube purchased paintings.

See how Igor Shulman is packaging a scratched painting to deliver customers.

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