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Outside the square gallery video review about Igor’s painting.

OUTSIDE THE SQUARE Gallery is a commercial Art Gallery in Margate based at 3 Duke Street, Old Town Margate, Kent, UK opposite the £20M Turner Contemporary (TATE PLUS).

Video review:

This is an original painting by Eastern Europe’s most highly acclaimed figurative artists Igor Shulman. He is very well known for the prints obviously with such a good following around the world.

So it’s a great privilege to have a relationship with Igor Shulman and, of course, the original some depict a unique way of kind of a signatory piece that it’s very true to the style of Igor Shulman. It’s very easily recognizable when you see the quality of the artwork and certainly in terms of our collection of these works he’s very highly collectible as an artist.

As I said before he has limited edition prints but also for its originals and of course we believe that outside the square gallery that an original is an entirely different thing from a print in 200 years time a channel or a Picasso painting. It’s never ever going to be the same thing in a print format as an original would be so we make no bones about it. It’s a very important we think to give people access to original artworks and of course being opposite the new 20,000,000 Turner Contemporary we’re positioned very well for people that appreciate a high-end art that expect quality and we will find it here and this is a great example of Igor Shulman’s work called Susanna posing. The romance is in the originals


Painting Suzanna Posing by Igor Shulman

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