Project “My Neighbors”. #2


Project “My Neighbors”. #2 painting by Igor Shulman

Size: 9.3 W x 9.3 H x 1.6 in
Size: 60x70x4 cm

Subjects: People
Styles: Figurative, Documentary, Fine Art, Pop Art, Realism

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That is how we all have neighbors. Different amounts, depending on which city we live in. I also have neighbors. Different age, different nationality, different fate. I am sure that if you carefully scrutinize each, you can write a novel about each. But we always have no time. We are not in a hurry to get to know our neighbors and get to know them more deeply. Not in a hurry to give people their spiritual warmth. We do not want their warmth, we are afraid of disappointments.

We recognize our neighbors by their dogs. Try to go out without a dog and you become invisible. Your neighbors stop greeting you. You are not interesting to anyone.

Now tell me about your rich inner world.)))

The picture is painted with excellent oil paints on a high-quality canvas by me personally. Without the use of any digital technology. Everything is extremely traditional.

I put in my pictures everything beautiful and kind that is inside me. Each my picture carries a charge of optimism and positive. Getting a picture, you help not only the artist, but also to yourself.

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Documentary, Figurative, Fine Art, Pop Art, Realism

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